Saudi Arabia and its attractions

0013729e4abe0bf7466e28Saudi Arabia iscountry of Islam. Islam took birth in Saudi Arabia. Muslims are spiritually and emotionally attached to this country. I was researching on this country wheni remembered about a Muslim friend of mine who was working at

 Kitchen Remodeling Fort Lauderdale. I met him and asked him verious questions about this country and he was telling me that There are so many places to visit in Saudi Arabia.

Masjid-e- Nabwi:

This is holy place. This mosque is located in Madina. This mosque was built by Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He was himself took part in its construction. In early times this mosque was an open air area but know it is more developed. There is a place in mosque called Riad-ul-Jannah where muslims offer prayers and it is quoted by Muhammad (SAW) that prayers offered at this place are not rejected. This place only accommodate few 100 people so it is not less than a competition that who is going to take a place and get chance to offer prayer.


This is city in Saudi Arabia located in between Madina and Tabuk. This city has great historic value. There was a time when Al-Ula was a hub of business and trade. This is an ancient city and tourists are so attracted to this city to discover more about it.

Jamaraat Bridge:

Since its construction bridge has expanded many times. It was constructed in 1963. This bridge is located in Mina near Mecca. There is one Rukkan (ritual obligation) in Hajj that muslims throw pebbles on three walls which is called Jamaraat and this is called stoning of the Devil. This bridge was constructed due to over crowd during stoning to devil so that some can perform this Rukkan on ground and some can on bridge.


This is a place where Muhammad (SAW) lived. He was also buried at same place. It was his (SAW) will that he must be buried at place where he took last breath. Many relative of Muhammad (SAW) even his mother, wife and grandfather also buried at this place. This place has a great value to muslims as they are so much attached to this place.

There are so many other places which have greater significance in history of Islam and muslims are emotionally and spiritually attached to that places and are many other things and cities that must be visited.


african-safari-1024x576When it comes to spend your vacation in the lap of mother nature surrounded by wildlife, Jungle Safari is what comes in the mind. Imagine the big open forest space covered with a large number of trees and vegetation, with the sound and sight of different types of wild animals and birds, away from the modernization and socialism of world. My friend at Biotechwater was telling me that thinking about the calm and isolation brings a sense of relaxation to my mind, this is what I meant by going on a Jungle Safari.  So nature lovers get ready to experience top five Jungle safari destination in the world.

Trekking in the Amazon
What would it feel like trekking in the world’s densest and largest forest. This thrilling experience can be enjoyed in trekking in the Amazon forest. This safari is a full fledge package as it allows you to live on tree-top lodges with all the basic amenities. The activities that are performed in this safari is letting the patrons find medicinal value plants, enjoying the sight of alligators at night, enjoying the different fishes and other amphibians in the forest’s wetland and most special meeting the rare amazon tribes.

Bush Safari from Alice Springs in Australia
Australian safaris are different from the world because the forest land gives you the feel of the ancient Aboriginals inhabitants. This is unspoiled and home to many different kind of spices in the world which includes the possums, woma python, largest dark skin lizards etc.  The safari among 73 spices of reptiles in Uluru- Kata Tjuta National Park is one of its kind. This creepy crawlies safari in Alice springs gives you the real thrill.

Dolphins and Bear Safari on Vancouver island

If you have already experienced the jungle fun and also been with the creepy crawlies and eat something different, the Dolphin and beat Safari on Vancouver Island, Canada. Watching Dolphins, bald eagles, black bear in the amazing wether is a sure shot treat. The Pacific Rim National Park is famous for its whale watching from the month ofMarch to may and perfect time for experience this kind of safari.

Periyar tiger reserve, Kerala, India

What about the experience of roaming around big cats? I am talking about the tigers. The Periyar reserve at Kerala, India have hot the endangered tiger species preserved. The dense rainforest  and grassland jungle with extreme wildlife a true example of hundreds of food chains and ecosystems evolving without being disturbed by human activities. A large number of extinct flora and fauna is found here. The other activities that can be enjoyed while experiencing the wildlife includes bamboo rafting, spotting animals like the deers, elephants, boars, etc.

Watching Birds in Pyrenees, between France and Spain
For all the bird lovers, this safari is a treat to watch. The Pyrenees mountain region is situated between France and Spain.These mountains offers endangered bird spices like the Lammergeier,beard vultures, honey buzzard golden eagle from Europe can be seen here. A lots of beautiful and different kinds of butterflies are spotted here at summer time.

Everglades, Florida, America
What about the idea of living nearby crocodiles? You can spot them in swampy lands of Everglades National Park,Florida along with tiny frogs and dolphins in the water. While panthers, deers etc can be spotted on the land of this park.

Ways to Make Your Wonderful Travel Even Lighter

For the individuals who fly for getaways, air travel is a superb an energizing thing. It’s a means to a radiant time, a break from the ordinary life. For the individuals who need to travel as often as possible for work, air terminals, planes, and everything else that accompanies them is a gigantic bother. The lines, the costs, the consistent loss of electronic access, the irritating individuals –they all make flying terribly. For crap sakes, if you need to rent a party bus in austin, or a San Antonio limo, just do it! otherwiser use this great info.

In any case, it doesn’t need to be like this. Like anything, there are little traps to make your experience much less demanding, holding your anxiety levels down and facilitating the agony on your wallet and movement wiped out the stomach.

Effortlessly get wiped out? Book morning flights
The ground warms up as the day continues the importance it’s going to bring about more turbulence noticeable all around and build the likelihood of rainstorms.

air ticketContinuously weigh in early
In the event that you truly need to be proficient, print out your ticket at home or have it prepared utilizing a cell phone application. On the off chance that you don’t need to handle packs, you’ll have the capacity to go straight to security, passing a massive amount of individuals and sparing an enormous amount of time.

Use a Hand-carry Bag thank Stroller Bags
It’s an unbelievable feeling officially having your ticket as you stroll into the air terminal and see a tremendous line moved down, sitting tight for the aircraft work area that is being operated by just three individuals. Not just are you sparing time holding up in line there. However, you’re beating the majority of the same people on your flight to security, making it a breeze to get past.

Wear Comfy Clothes and Shoes
Travelling is exhausting. So at least, wear comfortable clothes and shoes that will not make your body more exhausting.

What are top -rated Tourist attractions to visit in France?

eiffel_towerWell, France is no doubt, a country which is rich in natural beauty and also it is the strongest country in cultural and historical heritage.

Starting with Eiffel Tower , which is the most famous monuments and a symbol of Paris , having the height of 320 meter . It is consisted of about 8,000 metallic parts and it was designed by Gustave Eiffel. It’s each three levels of this tower are very fascinating for the visitors. The top level offers a clear outlook of the city of Paris .Second most fascinating thing is Louvre Museum ,it is a high ranked museum with respect to the collections of fine arts master pieces ,which are about 30,000 in number and other countless masterpieces from ancient civilizations.

The next worth seeing thing in France as par  is Palace of Versailles , it was not just a royal residence, but also used to use  to show off the glory of the French monarchy . Here,  a famous Hall of Mirrors which was sparked with light coming from sun through windows and by striking with mirrors reflected back .French garden present in this palace is also an important feature of palace . It is decorated with pools and fascinating fountains . brittany , is very charming region important with respect to historical culture , located on the north east  coast of France. It is famous for its ancient traditional culture and religious festivals.

Brittany is consisted of beautiful sandy beaches, small islands and ancient castles.

Prehistoric cave paintings in Lascaux are very charming and wonderful for visitors. It was discovered in 1940 that a cave called Lascaux Cave includes prehistoric painting but it is not opened to the public to avoid damage. But a replica of this cave was made at other site as Lascaux 2nd at the distance of 200 meters from the original cave . Art has been carefully reproduced, including all details about paintings of animals. A hall of 30 m height is made here, which is full of cows , bulls and horses drawings , and these paintings are the perfect match of original ones.

Biarritz is a very beautiful town of beaches, situated on the charming Bay of Biscay in France. Well , it was favourite place of Empress Eugenie, the wife of Napoleon 3rd .Here ,Hotel Du Palais, is a beautiful and luxury hotel representing a well furnished restaurant offering all species of taste and charming view of Grand plaza beach make this place more beautiful.


1f40d90a72f5549558999eb58f9f791aBooks are our best friends. They always give us reliable information and unbiased opinion. If you are one of those people who would prefer a good book over going out with friends, an author’s seminar over a rock concert and a peaceful Library over the night club, this one is purely for you! Here we are with the list of three incredible Libraries all around the world. My uncle at Escondido Pest Control was telling me about some good destinations to spend vacations. So, next time when you are planning your vacation, keep these destinations in mind and choose the one that appeals you the most!

The Old Library at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is among the prettiest places on the world, situated at the edge of river Liffey it is famous for its historical buildings. One more thing it is famous for is the Old Library at the Trinity College. Built in the 18 th century, he library is the home for books of Kells, collection of around 20,000 of Trinity’s oldest books, along with a gospel manuscript, which was generated by Celtic monks around year 800.

It is the most beautiful and appreciated Libraries in Dublin. Plan a trip to see this library and you can also catch a glimpse of Kilmainham Gaol (the historical prison), Guinness storehouse (brewery saying the birth story of Ireland’s famous beer), National Ireland Museum, St Patrick’s Cathedral church and lots of other places.

The Central Library in Seattle, Washington

The eleven-floor high classy looking Central Library in Seattle is no less than a five-star hotel. This library was established in year 2004 and is home to more than a million items. It is divided into eight categories or zones and are dedicated to various functions. There is a total of 9,906 shelves in this building which are truly devoted to books. However, the total book holding capacity of the library is as big as 1.45million books at once. While enjoying the literature at the Central Library IN Seattle one can also plan trip to the White House (the residence to the US president), the United State Capitol (home to US Senate and representatives), the national mall (memorial park), National Museum of Natural history, National Air and Space museum, etc.  

The state Library of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the best place to visit, when it comes to architectural buildings. The state Library of Victoria has a total of around two million books, hundreds of thousands of manuscripts, maps and newspapers a whole lot of digital material. The Library was built in year 1854 and is made up of a total of 23 buildings. The interiors of the library are a true depiction of olden architecture and are mesmerizing. Two free permanent ongoing exhibitions showing famous bush ranger Ned Kelly’s Armor and the history behind the books can be enjoyed by the visitors. While enjoying the fantastic architecture of the library and the leisure of books one can also visit the Federal square building, Immigration Museum, the Sea Life Aquarium, the Luna park (amusement park), St Kilda beach, the Queen Elizabeth’s market, the Eureka towers, the Crown casino, the Melbourne Cricket Ground and lots more places in Melbourne.

Places of Interest in Spain – Zaragoza

Spain a beautiful country, mother natural has blessed Spain with her charming smile, splendid beaches, best mountain range, big land full of pleasant weather and vegetation. What more does a visitor need for cultura-zaragoza_954relaxing. Zaragoza, a city in the Aragon province is considered to be the 5th largest city of Spain and one of the cities rich in turnout of visitors and in its riches. Zaragoza is known as blessed city of Spain. Tourism is one of the largest trades in Zaragoza. The visitor centers here are very helpful to the visitors like in other locations of Spain. A friend of mine who visited Spain last year. I was talking about it with my friend who is Cosmetic Dentist in New Braunfels. He was telling me about some places of interest in Spain which are as follows:


This canal known as the Canal Imperial de Aragon is famous for its broad vegetation in its full stretch of approximately 62 miles. Along its full course many visitor resorts have been established. Actually this canal has made Zaragoza a rich city and tourism has made it wealthier. This canal is trusted to have been built in the 18th century and some updates have been made to it in recent times.

River Ebro     

This largest river Rio Ebro as known as in Spanish language has blessed Zaragoza with much green scenery. The five big bridges for example are one of the most vital locations to visit. There are many recreational facilities throughout its full course in the City of Zaragoza. The visitor centers have established boat clubs for the recreation of the visitors. Actually during the period of Romans, this river was their helping hand both as a means of vegetation and as a means of communication. The river also irrigates a big area of land and is liable for the green vegetation.

Amusement Parks

This is another best place for visitors. The park has adequate amusement opportunities for adults, children and for the old. There are rides like cycling, horse riding, etc. There is a theme park, swimming pools, water sports, and roller coaster etc. The visitor is kept busy throughout his stay in Zaragoza. The amusement parks have bars, restaurants for the relaxation of the visitors.  Generally visitors who visit Zaragoza will not miss this park; actually they spend more time in this park.

Calatayud, the closet city of Zaragoza has many locations of interest like churches, old cathedral and many others. No doubt, this is one of the best places to visit in Spain.

Turn Into a Low Effect Explorer

Travel is glorious however it is likewise frequently accompanied expecting generous travel decisions. It can be a bit hard to minimize your desires yet you don’t have to downsize your encounters; only your effect! Here are a few recommendations:

Lessen Air travel
Air travel is adored by explorers because it gets us to our destination rapidly, and we can cover the vast majority of the world along these lines. The inconvenience is; it is an immoderate earth action regarding the making of nursery gasses and the utilization of fuel assets. From one viewpoint, it is extraordinary that such a variety of individuals can be moved at one go for every plane except then again, voyaging a considerable measure by this style puts the long-standing customer higher on the environmental foot shaped impression scale.

travel destinationBe an open transport fan
Discover which alternatives are the most secure and most efficient in the destination you are heading out to before you take off. For instance, getting trains is fun, tranquil and gives you a chance to have a ton of leg space. Utilization prepares a ton when you travel and you’ll have sufficient energy to take in the sights, meet local people and get great snaps. Transports can be incredible however in some cases they are swarmed, or perilous. There are frequently nearby transport choices as well, for example, auto rickshaws, accelerated vehicles, and smaller than regular vans and so forth. Figure out before you go and plan to utilize them as a significant aspect of your schedule.

Pack light
Reducing your heap makes it simpler for you to get around, and you have fewer assets to stress over. Also, less fuel is utilized transporting your stuff around. What’s more, keep it light; don’t go insane purchasing things that will just transform into a mess when you get back. The primary exemption to this is obtaining quality handcrafts from individuals who depend on this for their vocations; you’re doing them a decent turn, helping their industry, and you get a unique souvenir or two to bring back home.

6 Things You Need to Remember Before Going on a Trip

Investigating parts that are obscure, whether locally or universally, is a leisure activity that a vast number of people set out on every year. For families, travel is much all the more valuable because it permits folks to open their youngsters to something that could be out of their standard. That said, with every one of the advantages of travel comes to a few stressors that can hinder on the travel experience for almost anybody, yet you don’t need to let those ruin your get-away. Today, you will examine 6 travel hacks that can make your excursion more gainful, fun, and agreeable.

Travel Hacks before You Leave

• Rather than lodging, investigate saving a home if going with a family, or a solitary room if alone. Sites like AirBnB can give homes and private rooms from property holders who are leasing them out, typically offering preferred housing over inns.

• Move your garments when pressing. Rather than making a collapsed heap in your bag, moving permits you to fit more things in. Additionally, you can even roll clothing and socks inside of your garments for ideal space-sparing.

fragile• Mark your things as delicate. This is a tip where everyone can gain a while back from a companion who discovered it to be an incredible approach to guarantee that your stuff is taken care of adequately. Your gear is kept at the top due to this, which will make it one of the first packs to be discharged.

Travel Hacks for the Departure

• Bring your water bottle. Contingent upon the carrier’s strategies with respect to drinking costs, the measure of times water is offered may not be to your loving. Having your water jug guarantees that you have water when you need it.

• Guarantee that you have a pen before leaving home so you can finish traditions frames. Round the structures out when you get them, and guarantee that your relatives have theirs filled also. Individuals will clatter for your pen; flight specialists once in a while have them.

• 20 minutes prior to your landing, hurry for the lavatory. Generally when the safety belt light goes ahead, everyone can observe that you have 15 minutes of breathing space until you truly have to be situated. Utilize this chance to soothe yourself to avert battling for restrooms when you arrive.