1f40d90a72f5549558999eb58f9f791aBooks are our best friends. They always give us reliable information and unbiased opinion. If you are one of those people who would prefer a good book over going out with friends, an author’s seminar over a rock concert and a peaceful Library over the night club, this one is purely for you! Here we are with the list of three incredible Libraries all around the world. My uncle at Escondido Pest Control was telling me about some good destinations to spend vacations. So, next time when you are planning your vacation, keep these destinations in mind and choose the one that appeals you the most!

The Old Library at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is among the prettiest places on the world, situated at the edge of river Liffey it is famous for its historical buildings. One more thing it is famous for is the Old Library at the Trinity College. Built in the 18 th century, he library is the home for books of Kells, collection of around 20,000 of Trinity’s oldest books, along with a gospel manuscript, which was generated by Celtic monks around year 800.

It is the most beautiful and appreciated Libraries in Dublin. Plan a trip to see this library and you can also catch a glimpse of Kilmainham Gaol (the historical prison), Guinness storehouse (brewery saying the birth story of Ireland’s famous beer), National Ireland Museum, St Patrick’s Cathedral church and lots of other places.

The Central Library in Seattle, Washington

The eleven-floor high classy looking Central Library in Seattle is no less than a five-star hotel. This library was established in year 2004 and is home to more than a million items. It is divided into eight categories or zones and are dedicated to various functions. There is a total of 9,906 shelves in this building which are truly devoted to books. However, the total book holding capacity of the library is as big as 1.45million books at once. While enjoying the literature at the Central Library IN Seattle one can also plan trip to the White House (the residence to the US president), the United State Capitol (home to US Senate and representatives), the national mall (memorial park), National Museum of Natural history, National Air and Space museum, etc.  

The state Library of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the best place to visit, when it comes to architectural buildings. The state Library of Victoria has a total of around two million books, hundreds of thousands of manuscripts, maps and newspapers a whole lot of digital material. The Library was built in year 1854 and is made up of a total of 23 buildings. The interiors of the library are a true depiction of olden architecture and are mesmerizing. Two free permanent ongoing exhibitions showing famous bush ranger Ned Kelly’s Armor and the history behind the books can be enjoyed by the visitors. While enjoying the fantastic architecture of the library and the leisure of books one can also visit the Federal square building, Immigration Museum, the Sea Life Aquarium, the Luna park (amusement park), St Kilda beach, the Queen Elizabeth’s market, the Eureka towers, the Crown casino, the Melbourne Cricket Ground and lots more places in Melbourne.