african-safari-1024x576When it comes to spend your vacation in the lap of mother nature surrounded by wildlife, Jungle Safari is what comes in the mind. Imagine the big open forest space covered with a large number of trees and vegetation, with the sound and sight of different types of wild animals and birds, away from the modernization and socialism of world. My friend at Biotechwater was telling me that thinking about the calm and isolation brings a sense of relaxation to my mind, this is what I meant by going on a Jungle Safari.  So nature lovers get ready to experience top five Jungle safari destination in the world.

Trekking in the Amazon
What would it feel like trekking in the world’s densest and largest forest. This thrilling experience can be enjoyed in trekking in the Amazon forest. This safari is a full fledge package as it allows you to live on tree-top lodges with all the basic amenities. The activities that are performed in this safari is letting the patrons find medicinal value plants, enjoying the sight of alligators at night, enjoying the different fishes and other amphibians in the forest’s wetland and most special meeting the rare amazon tribes.

Bush Safari from Alice Springs in Australia
Australian safaris are different from the world because the forest land gives you the feel of the ancient Aboriginals inhabitants. This is unspoiled and home to many different kind of spices in the world which includes the possums, woma python, largest dark skin lizards etc.  The safari among 73 spices of reptiles in Uluru- Kata Tjuta National Park is one of its kind. This creepy crawlies safari in Alice springs gives you the real thrill.

Dolphins and Bear Safari on Vancouver island

If you have already experienced the jungle fun and also been with the creepy crawlies and eat something different, the Dolphin and beat Safari on Vancouver Island, Canada. Watching Dolphins, bald eagles, black bear in the amazing wether is a sure shot treat. The Pacific Rim National Park is famous for its whale watching from the month ofMarch to may and perfect time for experience this kind of safari.

Periyar tiger reserve, Kerala, India

What about the experience of roaming around big cats? I am talking about the tigers. The Periyar reserve at Kerala, India have hot the endangered tiger species preserved. The dense rainforest  and grassland jungle with extreme wildlife a true example of hundreds of food chains and ecosystems evolving without being disturbed by human activities. A large number of extinct flora and fauna is found here. The other activities that can be enjoyed while experiencing the wildlife includes bamboo rafting, spotting animals like the deers, elephants, boars, etc.

Watching Birds in Pyrenees, between France and Spain
For all the bird lovers, this safari is a treat to watch. The Pyrenees mountain region is situated between France and Spain.These mountains offers endangered bird spices like the Lammergeier,beard vultures, honey buzzard golden eagle from Europe can be seen here. A lots of beautiful and different kinds of butterflies are spotted here at summer time.

Everglades, Florida, America
What about the idea of living nearby crocodiles? You can spot them in swampy lands of Everglades National Park,Florida along with tiny frogs and dolphins in the water. While panthers, deers etc can be spotted on the land of this park.