The Darkness – Lighting up 2003
When The Darkness were first booked for Friday, no one had really ever heard of the 4 piece from Lowestoft ….
>> Wow, it is amazing what a few months and some tight Lycra can do. I remember standing at the top of the hill and thinking to myself… oh my god… that band must have Concorde engines for speakers.
James, Esher, UK
>> I thoroughly enjoyed seeing The Darkness. They made Friday start off with one hell of a bang. I didn’t know who they were when I booked my tickets, but by the time the festival came around I was desperate to be at the front… and I was – excellent.
Sarah, Guildford, Surrey, UK
>> I got to see Frankie the bass player as he walked about back stage – I nearly passed out when he came over for a brief chat.
Suzie, Woking, Surrey, UK
Madness Didn’t Disappoint!
>> From their first steps on stage to the moment they left, I was consumed in utter madness… and loved every minute of it.
Matt, Leeds, Yorkshire, UK

>> Madness, if I could sue you for the sore throat I got from screaming my favourite songs, I would… but I guess I’ll just stick with the memories :-) Thnx.
Amanda, London, UK

>> Last year was great: Alice Cooper, The Wildhearts and The Darkness all on one day but I heard The Roosters were playing and didn’t what a shame, hopefully next year.
Sam, Walthamstow, London, UK

>> Last year was amazing – Madness, Alice Cooper and Skin were the best….arrrr i wanna be there now! I went with a mate and we loved it – hope this year is as gd! thanks so much! xx
Abbey, Woking, UK

>> the whole weekend rocked it was well good and the stranglers and Madness rocked even though im only 15 lookin forward to next year
Chris Love, Horley, Surrey

>>The Stranglers have been the undoubted highlights of the past two Guilfests, I especially enjoyed the 2002 set because they were the headliners so I wasn’t being crushed from all directions by Madness fans like in 2003. I hope you book them again. Keep up the good work!
Adam SJ Scanlon, Guildford, Surrey

>>oh my god skin ! and she played old skunk anansie songs i nearly cried! madness where amazing and the stranglers what more can i say best weekend ever!!!!
Maddie, Portsmouth, Hampshire

>>Madness were wonderful, The Stranglers (the local boys) were great, Alice on the Friday night was fantastic fun, The Darkness – hmmmmmmm, Skin was stunning, but the HIGHLIGHT? The Undertones, the magnificent Undertones giving Teenage Kicks all through the night (well, the afternoon, but it was good)…
Wombat, Guildford, Surrey

>>first off, i have say alice cooper was terrible….the crowning moments fo guilfest 2003 were naturally THE DARKNESS (keep us the god work guys), madness (that mosh pit was mad i was getting crushed from all sides IT WAS FANTASTIC), SKIN…….THE UNDERTONES…NOTHING MORE CAN BE SAID EXCEPT THOSE GUYS ROCK……….AND THE KING OF GUILFEST 2003 WAS THE GOD OF HELLFIRE ARTHUR BROWN…….IT’S NICE TO KNOW THE SOME OF THE OLD GUYS CAN REALLY ROCK OUT (SEE ALICE COOPER) THANK GOD FOR ARTHUR…..
John Smyth, Luton

>>Great festival as always, especially Drunk in Public, but best bit? getting my pix with Ryan Roxie of Alice Coopers Band !
Debz, Reading

>>Aqualung were sublime… and George Egg on the comedy stage. Total genius.
Emmy, Ashford

>>Madness and Stranglers brill. Took my baby & 7 year old to see them. 7 yr old well into the 2 bands now and the baby rocked all night!!Great festival for the family
Womble Claire, Weybridge