Saudi Arabia and its attractions

0013729e4abe0bf7466e28Saudi Arabia iscountry of Islam. Islam took birth in Saudi Arabia. Muslims are spiritually and emotionally attached to this country. I was researching on this country wheni remembered about a Muslim friend of mine who was working at

 Kitchen Remodeling Fort Lauderdale. I met him and asked him verious questions about this country and he was telling me that There are so many places to visit in Saudi Arabia.

Masjid-e- Nabwi:

This is holy place. This mosque is located in Madina. This mosque was built by Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He was himself took part in its construction. In early times this mosque was an open air area but know it is more developed. There is a place in mosque called Riad-ul-Jannah where muslims offer prayers and it is quoted by Muhammad (SAW) that prayers offered at this place are not rejected. This place only accommodate few 100 people so it is not less than a competition that who is going to take a place and get chance to offer prayer.


This is city in Saudi Arabia located in between Madina and Tabuk. This city has great historic value. There was a time when Al-Ula was a hub of business and trade. This is an ancient city and tourists are so attracted to this city to discover more about it.

Jamaraat Bridge:

Since its construction bridge has expanded many times. It was constructed in 1963. This bridge is located in Mina near Mecca. There is one Rukkan (ritual obligation) in Hajj that muslims throw pebbles on three walls which is called Jamaraat and this is called stoning of the Devil. This bridge was constructed due to over crowd during stoning to devil so that some can perform this Rukkan on ground and some can on bridge.


This is a place where Muhammad (SAW) lived. He was also buried at same place. It was his (SAW) will that he must be buried at place where he took last breath. Many relative of Muhammad (SAW) even his mother, wife and grandfather also buried at this place. This place has a great value to muslims as they are so much attached to this place.

There are so many other places which have greater significance in history of Islam and muslims are emotionally and spiritually attached to that places and are many other things and cities that must be visited.