Stage 2

Commonly known as The Aladdin’s Cave stage. Stage 2 has seen some superb acts including The Levellers, Richard Thompson, Rolf Harris, Donovan and Tom McRae to name a few.

Stage Manager
Duncan runs a pretty tight ship on stage 2, not surprising considering the number of years he has been involved with the festival. Duncan has been helping Tony Scott to organise GuilFest for many of the 12 years that the festival has been running.

Duncan surrounds himself with some great team members to ensure the running of stage goes as smoothly as possible. He has to – the stage usually showcases more acts than stage 1.

Stage 2 at GuilFest 2003
Many festival goers travelled from all around Europe to see an Aladdin’s Cave of acts on Stage 2 – it produces some real gems year after year,