Stalls & Stands

No festival is complete without a load of festival stalls selling a variety of items from jewellery to jogging bottoms and sandals to soft massage. Festivals are a haven for purchasing the most incredible items – and GuilFest is no different.

Of all the items on sale at GuilFest 2003 there were a couple of real gems that have kept us talking in the office for ages. These were the candle boats made out of recycled tin cans that are powered by candle power alone and the collapsible chairs that saved many a tired festival goer by allowing them to crash out whenever and wherever they wanted.

Multi Coloured Festival:
Remember to pick up your own pair of customary tie dyed trousers and army T-shirt and voila – you are transformed into festivalman, a hardened festival goer and all round peaceful dude.

There truly are some great bargains to be had at GuilFest, especially if you are willing to haggle a little with the people running the stalls. Try your luck and pick out a bargain – I still go to work in my pixie style festival hat and Peruvian hoody each morning.